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Por4mance Detail Garage

Serving the Greater Charleston Area
We specialize in high performance (exotic) cars

VIP treatment means -  Your car will get my undivided attention (from a basic wash to a full paint correction and ceramic coating)

Gyeon Certified Detailer

118 Fabricators St.
Summerville, SC
(843) 408-9906
call or text for more info

As a true automotive enthusiast, the details are extremely important.  I will treat your car just as I would my own - using nothing but the best equipment and chemicals on the market today (Gyeon, GTechniq, CarPro, Griot's and Adams Polishes).  Your car will be well taken care of no matter what option or package you decide to go with.  

Your car will receive the same white-glove treatment the entire time it is in my care.  I do all the work myself, which is why I book by appointment only.  I'm making this a full-time business.  I want to see my passion put a smile on your face.  

Award winning service:  Two of my cars won awards in two different car shows (including Festivals of Speed).   My hourly rate is approximately $99.00/hour, which includes the price of supplies (chemicals, micro fiber towels, etc).  Some of the products that I use are over $100.00/bottle.  I only use the best products. 



Pricing and Options


2-3 hours on cars, CUVs, SUVs

Cars:  $199.00                   

CUV:  $225.00                                 

SUVs/Trucks:  $250.00     


Platinum Package - 5 hours on cars and 6 hours on SUVs

Cars:  $399.00

CUV:  $450.00

SUV:  $499.00


  • Using microfiber towel and an interior cleaner (probably Gyeon or GTechniq), wipe down all interior surfaces

  • All interior door jams, wiped down and clean using a “quickwash” plus a Microfiber towel.

  • Vacuum Carpet, Seats and any other areas that needs addressing.

  • Apply UV protectant to any/all plastic or vinyl components.

  • Window, clean all glass and mirrors (including rear view mirror.

  • Clean air vents with detailing brush.

  • Apply scent freshener to car (if desired)


  • Foam Bath (pre-soak)  - Gyeon's Q2 Foam Shampoo or GTechnig foaming soap.

  • Detail hand wash using micro-fiber mit and 4-bucket method (2-buckets for the car and 2-buckets for the wheels).

  • Clean the wheels and rim (Face and drum) – and brake calipers (if applicable)

  • Hand dry using a Microfiber towel and air blower (to get water out of the cracks)

  • Apply Gyeon's or GTechniq's water-based tire dressing (prevents slinging)

  • Apply UV protectant on all exterior plastics.

  • Windows – clean all exterior windows with Invisible Glass (safe for tinted windows) 

  • The undercarriage will be sprayed with my undercarriage pressure washer.  

    • Living near the ocean, it is important to get that salt water off the undercarriage as well.​


Additional services are available:

Concierge  Service is available - $99.00 to $199.00 (based on where you live) additional fee added to the requested work.  I will come to your house, pick-up your vehicle, and drive it to my garage, complete the requested service, and return your car to your house.  You never have to leave the comfort of your own home.  Only applies to a 50-mile radius of Summerville, SC where I am located.  

  • 25 mile radius of my location (Summerville, SC) - $99.00

  • Price increases if you are outside the 25 mile radius

EXTERIOR Package plus any of these additional services (each additional service is an additional fee (for example, Claybar at $120.00 plus standard Ext. package $150 = $270.00)

  1.  Claybar – $49.00 – removes any/all contamination from your vehicle.  It is recommended that you do this once/year prior to adding any Sealants or Wax.  Prior to Claybaring the car, I will wash the car, use an Iron Remover (Adam's Iron Remover), which helps remove debris, dirt, dust particles, etc., then I will claybar it.   This is also why this process takes longer and cost more.

  2.  Sealant  - $100.00 – protects cars from ultraviolet rays and acid rain – plus gives it a nice shine.  Recommended every 3-4 months.  I recommend that the car is Claybar'd prior to this.

  3.  Wax – $100.00 – helps protect the paints clear coat.  Recommended every 4-6 months.

  4.  Trim (restorer and protectant) - $135.00 (GTechniq C4

  5.  Polishing'/paint correction - $650.00 - $900.00 (depends on the size of the car and how bad of shape the paint is in) 3-steps before the polishing phase:  (1) wash the car, (2) Iron Remover, (3) Claybar and then polish using a compound (if needed) and polisher that removes imperfections in the paint and gives it that shine (8-h0urs 0f labor).

  6.  Ceramic Coating is available and there are different levels of ceramic coating.  For example:​​​​​​​​

          a.  Gyeon's Moh's and Skin'sPrior to all Ceramic Coating, the car will be washed, claybar'd, and iron remover, and then paint correction if applicable. 

          b.  GTechniq's Crystal Serum Light 

          c.  CarPro - CQuartz UK

          (NOTE:  since I am an independent garage, I am not contracted with any manufacturer;

           therefore, I can work with the client to pick the best ceramic coating based on their needs and their budget).  Meaning, the client can choose between CarPro, Gyeon, GTechniq, Adam's,


           In addition, I will give you my unbiased on any questions you may have.  A lot of

           my knowledge comes from personal use and reviews on Youtube.

      7.  If your car is currently ceramic coated, then you should "reload" it every 6-months.  I offer that as well, but if your car needs the exterior detail service, at a minimum, prior to reloading it.  The reload service is an additional $75.00 (keep your investment protected).  Also, please let me know what type of ceramic coating is applied to your car (i.e. GTechniq,  CarPro, etc.) so I can order the proper brand to reload it.



  1. Leather Treatment –  $100.00 using a brush and a 2-step treatment method (cleaning and conditioning).

  2. Shampoo Service - $100.00 – all carpeted areas and floormats are vacuumed, carpet cleaner applied, agitated with a brush, wiped with a microfiber cloth, and vacuumed again.

    • Shampoo Service Plus - Shampoo Service plus Scotchgard carpet protectant -$150.00​


Engine Detailed:

  1. Complete engine bay area cleaned - $100.00


Executive Services:


The Diplomat – $750.00 (car) / $850.00 CUV / $950.00 (SUV or Truck)

This includes – full detail, claybar, sealant, wax or hybrid ceramic, leather treatment, shampoo service and Engine.  I will need your car for 8.5 to 10 hours of work, depending on the state of your car and the size - SUVs/Trucks are larger and will take longer to detail, which is why there is a difference in price.  


The Ambassador – $900.00 (car) / $1,000.00 CUV / $1,100.00 (SUV or Turck)

Everything included in the Diplomat, plus the ultimate window treatment Gtechniq’s - G1 (Clear vision smart glass) + G2 (Residue Remover) + G4 (Nanotech glass polish) – the Ultimate Glass Care Hydrophobic Nano Coating and Cleaning Kit - Scratch and Smear Free, Chemically Bonds to Repel Rain (100 milliliters).  Labor is 10-12 hours of total labor.  I will have your car for at least one full-day but more than likely two-days.  If your car is kept overnight, it will securely stored in the garage.  There are additional options available (ceramic coating either your car or the wheel, or both the car and the wheels - see below).


Presidential Service - $2,850.00 (car) / $3,000.00 (CUV) / $3,200.00 (SUV/Truck)

Everything listed in the Diplomat, plus the outside paint, trim, and wheels are removed and ceramic coated (the customer picks which ceramic coating they prefer).  As for the wheels, I remove each wheel from your vehicle, deep clean it (polish if needed), claybar them to remove any contamination, and then ceramic coat it (using GTechniq’s "C-5 Wheel Armour").  Each wheel will take approximately 2 hours (clean, polish, and ceramic coat).  The total time is 24-40 hours of labor and another 24-48 hours to cure (depending on the ceramic coating of your choice).   I will need your vehicle for at least 4-days, but it could take 5-days or more for the ceramic coating to cure.  If your car is kept multiple days, it will be safely secured in the garage.   Please make sure that you leave the lug-nut to remove any wheel locks.

Carbon Ceramic brake owners - please let me know if your car has Carbon Ceramic brakes.  Also, please let me know if the owver's manual states that you should NOT/NOT use any chemicals on them.


Pictures of Before and After

None of these pictures are edited and no filters applied
For additional before and after footage, checkout my Instagram page at @Por4mancedc





On this one, I replaced the door handle but you can still see the difference in the panel and arm rest.


Subaru Forrester (Before) 

IMG_0735 2.HEIC

Subaru Forrester (After) 


My Car Washing Technique

Completed Macan GTS

My service is aimed at the type of enthusiasts that parks their car away from all other cars in a parking lot to avoid a door dent; and as they are walking away, they must look back at their car at least once - just to admire it.

10% Discount for all Military, Law Enforcement, 1st responders (nurses), and PCA members)

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